Because of workload issues and the unsuitability of some situations to third party advocacy, A3  Revenue Healthcare Consulting, cannot accept all clients , nor can it guarantee successful results of claims or appeals for clients it does accept.  Medical claims are subject to the terms and conditions of the individual insurance companies and policies, and the willingness of various parties to cooperate with the policyholder and with third party advocates.  A3 Revenue Healthcare Consulting will assist in organizing paperwork and filing the proper claims forms and appeal letters, and will follow up where appropriate with further appeal letters and phone calls to insurance providers and/or medical service providers to help make sure that the proper procedures are being followed and that misunderstandings are corrected. A3 Revenue Healthcare Consulting will respond as soon as possible to inquiries, but cannot guarantee meeting any specific date, such as those which may be important to any client or potential client’s claim.  Cases are accepted by A3 Revenue Healthcare Consulting only after careful consideration of the facts and circumstances, subsequent conversations between the potential client and A3 Revenue Healthcare Consulting and an agreement upon fees and costs.  Accordingly, any submission of material to A3 Revenue Healthcare Consulting by email or mail, does not constitute any relationship of any kind (i.e. client-advocate, confidentiality, etc.) and A3 Revenue Healthcare Consulting is not responsible for any such unsolicited information or material.  A3 Revenue Healthcare Consulting does not replace the services of an attorney, which in some cases may be required for you to successfully appeal a claim, and does not use the services of an attorney when acting on behalf of a client.   You are encouraged to obtain legal assistance from an attorney at your discretion.

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